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What is F.R.O. Import?

F.r.o. Import is the logos of a company led by Paolo Faccini. The company was founded in 1999 as an individual business, specialized in data transmission plants, electrical plants, automation plants and semi-lorries and special trucks plants.

Why was F.r.o. Import founded?

The owner of the company, Mr.Paolo Faccini, has been collecting bicycles out of his personal passion for 15 years, and in the latest 2 years an addition of vintage mountain bike has taken place. The greater and greater interest for cycles had convinced the owner to start an import activity concerning bikes and components. This is the reason why the company came to life in 2009.

What does F.r.o. Import own?

The company presently owns one of the most appreciated collections of vintage mountain bike and components in Italy.

Why this name?

The name is due to a Yeti bike from the 90's, at those times extremely "in".

Where is F.r.o. Import ?

The company  is located in via San Giovanni Bosco 39 - 15121 Alessandria - Italy.

What remains of the Paolo Faccini company?

The Paolo Faccini company still now persist in its activity of plants.

Someone talk about us

F.R.O., after the name of the dream bike all the MTB enthusiasts of the beginning of the nineties lusted after. Paolo Faccini has about fourty of those old school Yetis in his garage, together with other jewels.

In the year 2010, it's time to move, though. And we do dig modern technology; however, after twenty years, we still can't help looking for those thrills we felt admiring the first, pioneering, revolutionary mountain bikes. Those bikes had a soul, which seems lost nowadays, in the search for the lightest fibre pattern to build a frame with, in the production of the new wave of plastic, lookalike, wunderbikes. Well performing machines, no doubts. However, don't try looking for passion, in those carbon weavings. In the obscure factories where thousands of frames are built every day, cycling is a field of CAD-CAM application, not a grin-your-teeth-and-bear kind of outdoor activity. Passion is different: it is the thrill of pursuing an objective, starting from a blank sheet of paper, trying to build the best products, ignoring traditions and stereotypes.

Paolo has decided to bring back to Italy some historical brands and other products which, albeit new, still retain the original spirit of mountain biking.
It is true, charity is dead in business, but Paolo has already got his job, and this company is starting merely because of his passion. The chosen products are imported simply because of his taste: market researches have not been fiddled with. More,  all the profits will be invested in his Mountain Bike Museum, the first of this kind in Italy. A museum which, with the jewels collected up to now, is already at a good point, to be frank. But a real collector is never satisfied, you know…

Let's see the bikes which will land in Colnago's land, then

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